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Highlight Your Wellness Event with A MusicWorx Speaker

MusicWorx takes pride in educating the public on the incredible benefits music and music therapy can bring to their organizations, communities, and homes. Our team is ready to bring energy, passion and a wealth of knowledge to your next wellness event! Our experienced array of professional speakers help to educate, rejuvenate and encourage communities of all sizes around the benefit of holistic approach to wellness.

Our professional speakers can address a wide range of wellness topics:

  • Creativity: Playing Outside the Box
  • Healing the Body, Mind, and Spirit Through Music
  • Inspiring a New Tomorrow
  • Marketing Outside the Box: Endless Opportunities
  • Team-Building Through the Music Metaphor
  • Toning, Drumming and Chanting for Wellness
  • Using Your Voice as a Tool for Relaxation
  • Many more options available for customization

Kick-off, Engage, and End Your Wellness Event
With The Support Of Our Professional Speakers

MusicWorx is ready to bring energy, passion and a wealth of knowledge to your next wellness event! Our experienced array of professional speakers help to educate, rejuvenate and encourage communities of all sizes around the benefit of holistic approach to wellness.





Dr. Reuer’s Message Is Music To Everyone’s Ears

Dr. Reuer’s presentations are uplifting, inspiring, and full of positive energy. At the podium, Dr. Reuer performs verbal virtuosity as you’d expect of a Board-Certified music therapist with years of clinical research and hands-on experience gained in medical and psychiatric settings, public schools, community colleges and universities. Her warmth and charisma, refined during her 40+ years as an award-winning entrepreneur, are instrumental in captivating and convincing listeners outside academia and medical science that making music not only heals but maintains health and even creates newfound wholeness.
Orchestrating audiences who have little or no musical background, Dr. Reuer conclusively proves that music is an intuitive multitasking power tool that can harmonize and electrify work groups (leadership themes), deliver decrescendo to the stressed and grieving (coping skills themes), groom the codependent for solo performance (lifestyle change themes), and access vocabulary long locked in the memory banks of patients diagnosed with dementia (skill recovery themes).

Want a Percussive Prenote?

Dr. Reuer’s dynamic edutainment awakens the senses like reveille and drums up audience receptivity to new encounters.

Want a Kinetic Keynote?

Dr. Reuer’s upbeat themes set the pitch and synchronize the rhythm throughout wellness and leadership audiences.

Want An Engaging Endnote?

Dr. Reuer’s spirited interactive finales bring harmonious cadence to group events. Warning: save room for an encore!

Messages Composed for Any Audience

Dr. Reuer can customize presentations to the needs of almost any group. Here are a few presentation titles that have become audience favorites:
    • Call Me Later . . .  I’m in the Middle of My Inner-Voice Lessons
    • Cues for Transforming Your Jug Band Into an Orchestra
    • Healing a Heartache Without Skipping a Beat
    • Re-score Your Self-Image: From Beat Up to Upbeat
    • Rewriting Lyrics for the I-Can’t Chant
    • You Need to Be Driven, But Your Chauffeur’s on Vacation

Partial List of Most Notable Past Presentations

Dr. Reuer has spoken before all of the following organizations and institutions:
    • Alzheimer’s Association, San Diego, CA
    • American Juvenile Arthritis Organization Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration, Alexandria, VA
    • Annual Dementia Conference, Delaware, CT
    • Mayo Clinic Brain Injury Conference, Rochester, MN
    • Montana Gerontology Society Seventeenth Annual Conference, Bozeman, MT
    • Music Therapy International Symposium, Seoul, Korea
    • Ninth World Congress of Music Therapy: Washington, DC
    • North Carolina Academy of Family Physicians, Inc., Williamsburg, VA
    • Oncology 2000: William J. Smith Memorial Conference: Asheville, NC
    • St. Joseph Health System 1999 Trustee Conference, Santa Barbara, CA
    • Tenth Annual Coming Together in Advanced Practice Conference: Washington, DC
    • Twentieth Annual Nurses Cancer Symposium, Stevens Cancer Center, La Jolla, CA

Dr. Reuer Speaks From Experience

To view Dr. Reuer’s complete curriculum vitae, download here. Below are some highlights from over the past 40 years:
    • Author of More than 40 Publications
    • American Music Therapy Association Lifetime Achievement Award 2008
    • The Southern California Cancer Pain Initiative Pain Management Award 2008
    • NMT–Fellow, Robert F. Unkefer Academy of Neurologic Music Therapy 2006
    • Founder/Executive Director Resounding Joy, Inc. 2005–present
    • American Music Therapy Association National Professional Practice Award 2000
    • President of National Association for Music Therapy 1996–97
    • $100,000 Administration on Aging Best Practice Grant in Music Therapy
    • Founder/CEO MusicWorx Inc. 1987–present
    • PhD, University of Iowa, music therapy emphasis 1987
    • MT–BC (Music Therapist-Board Certified) 1985–present
    • Master of Music Education, University of Kansas 1976
    • Bachelor of Science in Education, Major in Music Education, Minor in German, Northern State University, Aberdeen, SD 1974

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