Corporate Wellness Solutions

Innovative Collaboration

MusicWorx Corporate Wellness Solutions focus on building strong partnerships with our clients to provide integrated and impactful wellness programs that meet specific needs and exceed expectations.

Professional and Certified Music Therapists

A wellness staff with the knowledge base and skill set to educate and empower your employees makes a huge difference in creating a successful program. That is why MusicWorx has hand selected some of the top performers in the industry to partner with your organization.

World-Class Communication

In today’s business environment, innovative problem solving and creative strategies separate the good from the great. That’s why MusicWorx provides world-class client support to build and sustain innovative programming.

Comprehensive & Customized Wellness

Our talented staff of professionals provide music therapy and wellness services, event facilitation, and consultation to bring your company to the next level. Whether you want your staff to improve their self-care, reduce stress and anxiety at the workplace, strengthen their working relationships amongst co-workers, or empower them to expand their creativity and thinking; MusicWorx can help your company to thrive and grow as your employees work together more effectively!


Our corporate consultants bring the knowledge and skills needed to help you create a culture of wellness across your organization.

Professional Speakers

Seeking a dynamic wellness presenter that captures and engages an audience? Our professional speakers are equipped with an impressive range of experience speaking about self-care, wellness, and more!

Team Building

Looking for an innovative way to generate team cohesion, stimulate creative thinking, breakdown silos, or deepen employee engagement? Our corporate team building solutions are just what you’re looking for.

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