Special Needs

Clinical Music Therapy for Special Needs

Music therapists at MusicWorx work with individuals of all ages diagnosed with developmental delays.

Music therapy for special needs promotes growth in:

  • Behavioral Skills and Support
  • Cognitive and Academic Skills
  • Communication, Speech, and Language Skills
  • Physical Motor Skills
  • Sensorimotor Needs
  • Social and Emotional Awareness

Connecting Through Music

Our therapists use music to connect to individuals of many different ages and abilities.

Benefits of Music Therapy Strategies

Music therapy strategies are used to make learning an exciting and dynamic experience to allow for increased motivation, engagement, and to promote a desire to learn. The implementation of music therapy strategies by a trained professional allows each individual the opportunity to process and produce information in a powerful and alternative way as music is processed in all areas of the brain.

A Tailored Music Therapy Experience

Our board-certified music therapists can collaborate and support goals already established in an individualized education plan (IEP), private therapy services through the Regional Center or other private organizations, and/or draft goals to meet the specific needs of each child and family seeking music therapy services.