Special Needs

Clinical Music Therapy for Special Needs

Music therapists at MusicWorx are trained to work with individuals diagnosed with developmental and neurodevelopmental challenges of all ages.
Check out our article on Music Therapy in Special Education to learn more.

Benefits of Music Therapy:


Every individual is unique and possesses a wide spectrum of interests, strengths, challenges, and capacities. MusicWorx staff have received specific training on the effects of music on our brains and body. They use this knowledge to develop a strong partnership between therapist and child to establish trust and build rapport – creating meaningful musical experiences.


The music therapy experience emphasizes the interactive process rather than the performance. We use the following techniques to enhance these experiences.


All clients receive an assessment and an individual treatment plan.

Individual Music Therapy

Research-based therapy to meet the academic, sensorimotor, emotional, social, communication, and development needs of each individual.

Adapted Music Lessons

Creative and innovative approaches to learning how to play an instrument incorporating visuals, color-coding, and technology.

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