Clinical Music Therapy

What makes music therapy clinical?

Music therapy is an established profession in the United States and is growing in prominence in many areas of the world. The defining characteristic of music therapy – versus music wellness or musical performance – is the use of clinical, evidence-based interventions to achieve clients’ non-musical goals. Music therapists are credentialed by the Certification Board for Music Therapists, and the title “music therapist” is protected by law in 13 states, including California, to include only these professionals.

Experts in the field

Music therapists bring a wealth of knowledge and strategies to every session. All music therapists must complete an undergraduate or graduate education program in Music Therapy. Requirements for Music Therapy degrees include behavioral sciences, anatomy, psychology, human development, and extensive music education. Candidates must complete 1,200 hours of clinical training, including a supervised internship at an approved provider, then pass Board Certification examination. Retaining certification requires continual education and service.

Available Clinical Music Therapy

MusicWorx music therapists have a variety of specialties, allowing us to provide services to meet the needs of a wide spectrum of organizations and individuals.

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