Who we Serve and What we Provide

MusicWorx serves individuals, families, corporations, and organizations in need of music therapy and wellness services. We offer medical music therapy to promote healing, recovery, and coping with illness or injury. Our Board-Certified music therapists can also help you explore the wellness benefits of music to optimize and maintain good health. In corporate settings, recipients of music wellness services are employees eager to develop and enhance leadership, communication, and stress-management skills.

Our Services

All music therapy services are flexible and can be adapted to in-person, on-site, hosted at our facilities, or provided via telehealth (including groups)!

Clinical Music Therapy

MusicWorx offers music therapy services to agencies and individuals through the use of clinical, evidence-based interventions to achieve non-musical goals.

Corporate Wellness Solutions

Looking to start or enhance a corporate wellness program? Musicworx has a full range of service offerings that provide a one-of-a-kind approach to wellness.

Music Wellness Programs

MusicWorx offers variety of programs and classes throughout the community and at the Music Wellness Center in Sorrento Valley, just south of Del Mar. Both the Center and adjacent rooms for private lessons are available to rent.

Music Therapy FAQs

Satisfy your curiousity with this comprehensive guide to many of MusicWorx’s frequently asked questions.

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