Working with Adults with Developmental Disabilities


MusicWorx Toolbox: Working with Adults with Developmental Disabilities, Second Edition, is a music therapy intervention resource for adults with developmental disabilities, addressing cognitive, sensorimotor, speech / language, and social / emotional goal areas. The session plans are thorough enough to replicate exactly to create a successful therapeutic session or modify to incorporate a therapist’s unique artistic interpretation.

All MusicWorx Toolbox Self-Study Courses are approved by the CBMT for 15 Continuing Music Therapy Education ( CMTE ) credits. MusicWorx Inc., #P-097, maintains responsibility for program quality and adherence to CBMT policies and criteria.

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What’s Inside This Toolbox

  • 101 single-sided pages
  • 12 detailed session plans
  • 4 original hello songs
  • 4 goodbye songs
  • digital form download (included with CMTEs)
  • introductory reading about adults with developmental disabilities
  • recommended group-singing songs
  • recordings of all original songs
  • resource lists
  • visuals / pictures and distribution materials

Session Topics

  • Session 1: Group Music-Making
  • Session 2: Getting to Know You
  • Session 3: I Spy
  • Session 4: Mirrors
  • Session 5: Colors
  • Session 6: What a Wonderful World
  • Session 7: Partners
  • Session 8: I Had Me a Dog
  • Session 9: Favorites
  • Session 10: Using Our Bodies
  • Session 11: St. Patrick’s Day / Irish
  • Session 12: Spring

Learning Objectives

References to items on the Board Certification Domains are based on the Practice Analysis Study of 2019.

Working with Adults with Developmental Disabilities addresses these specific competencies in the current Board Certification Domains:

Learning Objective 1
2020 Domains:
II. B. 3 (d) | III. A. 2 (ee)

Describe how music therapy can be used to address motor goals for adults with developmental disabilities.
II. Referral, Assessment, Interpretation of Assessment and Treatment Planning
III. Treatment Implementation and Documentation

Learning Objective 2
2020 Domains:
II. A. 3 | II. B. 3 | II. D. 4-6 | III. B | IV. A. 1 | IV. A. 4-5 | IV. B. 3

Explain the reasoning behind the specific structuring of sessions described in this toolbox.
II. Referral, Assessment, Interpretation of Assessment and Treatment Planning
III. Treatment Implementation and Documentation
IV. Evaluation and Termination of Treatment

Learning Objective 3
2020 Domains:
II. B | III. A. 1 (e)

Modification of session plans to work for an individual client as opposed to a group.
II. Referral, Assessment, Interpretation of Assessment and Treatment Planning
III. Treatment Implementation and Documentation

Jessica Johnson, MT–BC

Jessica Johnson, MT-BC, is the founder, owner, and lead therapist of Northern Melodies Music Therapy Services.  Jessica, originally from Roseau, MN, received her bachelor’s degree in music therapy at the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks, North Dakota, in 2012.  She completed her internship and became Board-Certified in July of 2012.  Jessica worked for Coast Music Therapy, with students diagnosed with autism and other special need, Sound Health Music, providing music therapY services to older adults in a variety of settings, as well as MusicWorx, working with Partners for Children palliative care services.

Northern Melodies provides music therapy services in the twin cities and surrounding areas in Minnesot.  Primarily working with older adults and in the medical setting, Northern Melodies is passionate about expanding music therapy services and educating others on the benefits of music therapy.

  • This was a great class. I learned a lot and have some new ideas for sessions with my population. I currently work for a waiver company in Indiana. This class was refreshing and something that I will use in the future.

    Jennifer Davis, MT-BC - May 2023
  • I enjoyed the toolbox and will definitely be using it in my work.

    Mariela Garza, MT-BC - April 2023
  • The session plans that I can use were very helpful.

    Adam Krajnikconde - June 2018
  • Thank you for these amazing CMTEs! I really enjoy the ability to complete them from home - they are also such a great jumping off point for refreshing my repertoire for group sessions!

    Lindsey Suedkamp Griffith - April 2017
  • I appreciate learning about the structure of the sessions and having access to so many session plans and ideas.

    Jennifer - May 2016
  • Jessica Johnson has a beautiful voice. It reminds me of Colbie Caillat. I also bought Group Music Therapy Interventions Working in Neurologic Rehabilitation by Rebecca Vaudreuil and am very impressed with both books. Thanks again for providing such great products.

    Linda Jedrzejek, MT–BC - October 2012