Rhythm Club Floor Tom


The Remo Rhythm Club Floor Tom is a fun, affordable way to add the Floor Tom to your drum circle, classroom or any musical experience. The Rhythm Club Floor Tom is made to be played easily by a child’s hands, no sharp or rough edges!

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  • 10″ diameter x 5″ high
  • Includes mallet

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2.2 pounds

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11 x 7 x 11 inches

  • My baby loves it!!! He's had this since 8 months old, and has been beating on it constantly. By around 1 years old, he turned it upside down and slid in it butt first.... He played a little in there and then when hr realized he couldnt get out, he starting frowning and building up a cry!~ He wasn't hurt as I was watching him closely. It was too cute not to snap a pic. See picture posted! LOVE Remo Kids!!!

    UPDATE: 03/03/2015 at 22 months he is still playing with it. He now hits on it with his hands while daddy plays guitar. Sometimes he hits it on the right beats..... On a side note, I had to stop him from stepping on it a couple times. I also had to muffle it a bit with a small blanket because he is bigger with stronger arms and with the mallet it could get quite loud. I just really don't want to disturb my elderly neighbors.

    Sharon L. - July 2014