Green and Clean Series 10″ Pre-Tuned Tubano Head


The replaceable Fliptop Green and Clean pre-tuned Tubano head is constructed with black Skyndeep synthetic film and a unique bottom layer that creates a focused tone.  This reduces volume and overtones and eliminates the need for tuning and concern for fluctuations in temperature.

Size: 10″ diameter

Replacement head for 205643 REMO TU-2510-41 Green and Clean Tubano

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Remo’s Green and Clean products are designed to withstand disinfection protocols in environments where infection control is a concern. The drum shell and head are designed to be easily cleaned without sacrificing the finish or the sound quality of the drum. Green and Clean instruments can even withstand hospital-grade disinfectants. They are highly recommended by Board-Certified Music Therapists as well as other health professionals.