Djembe Eco-Grain Multicolor


The Infinity Mondor Djembe features amazing sound dimensions created by the warm, animal-like Mondor, Skyndeepr Natural drumhead. The life-like Goat Stripe Brown graphics add to the real animal look while the newly engineered key-tuned “Contour” brackets, and Designers Touch Eco-grain finishes add comfort and style.Remo djembes are inspired by the traditional drums of West Africa but use modern materials such as Acousticonr shells and Remo film technologies to create a unique sound and look. They are the most user friendly djembes in the world and the choice for thousands of professional and recreational drummers. Remo’s Mondo key-tuned djembes were named after the pre-tuned Mondo drumheads that changed the industry in 1993 by using Remo’s Pre-tuned System technologies.

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  • MONDO (TM)
  • Infinity
  • Key-Tuned
  • 14″ x 25″
  • SKYNDEEP® Natural
  • Goat Stripe Brown
  • Contour Tuning Brackets
  • Eco-Grain Multicolor Finish

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10 pounds

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10 x 10 x 10 inches

  • I have played percussion instruments for over 30 years and this is my first djembe. I absolutely love the sound you can get out of this drum! It has crisp high tones and resonant beautiful low tones and makes lots of great jamming fun!

    presentmomentwonderfulmoment - June 2014