Clinical Supervision


Benefit from the guidance of an experienced music therapist during these 60 to 90-minute Clinical Supervision sessions.

Counselors and therapists of various modalities often engage in ongoing Clinical Supervision for guidance, reflection, exploration and deepening their growth as a helping professional.  Supervision is an interactive relationship and enriching collaboration.  Supervisors provide a safe space to address anything from:

  • Boundaries, & Counter-Transference
  • Treatment Planning, Interventions, & Resources
  • Work-Place Relationships, Stressors, & Current Events
  • Ethics, Legal Issues, & Standards of Clinical Practice
  • Supervision of Students, Interns, and/or Staff
  • Developing Confidence, Posturing, & Career Goals
  • Self-Care, Wellness, & Burn-out Prevention
  • Program Development


Clinical Supervision consultations run between 60-90 minutes at $125-$150 per session.  They may take place at our Music Wellness Center or via online session.  Frequency of sessions is decided upon by the Supervisee.

* CMTE’s available for no extra cost, just let us know if you need the specific instructions.


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Available Clinical Supervisors listed below.

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Available Supervisors

Annela and Rachel are both currently accepting supervisees. Contact us at to learn more about scheduling!

Annela Flores, MT-BC

Music Therapist, Program Director, and Internship Co-Director

Annela Flores is a Board Certified Music Therapist in San Diego, California. She graduated with her Bachelor’s in Music Therapy from University of the Pacific, and completed her internship with MusicWorx Inc. and board-certification exam in 2016.

Upon the completion of her bachelor’s degree at University of the Pacific, Annela spent over a year in Andhra Pradesh, India working with Hope for People International as a teacher, administrator, and outreach coordinator. She initiated and managed music therapy services, teacher training, and medical outreach for the school and local community.

Currently, Annela serves as internship co-director for MusicWorx, and has supervised over 35 interns. She specializes in adult populations, including inpatient medical settings, hospice/palliative care, Parkinson’s Disease, mental health, and older adult care.

In addition to her music therapy work, Annela helped launch MusicWorx’s online learning platform, in November 2018. She manages online continuing education programs and oversees digital marketing. Annela spearheaded MusicWorx’s first virtual conference in 2020, with over 200 attendees.

Annela has served in professional leadership positions including Vice President Membership of Sigma Alpha Iota, President of the Western Region chapter of the American Music Therapy Association for Students (WRAMTAS), and Assembly Delegate Alternate for the American Music Therapy Association.

Annela is passionate about expanding the global reach of music therapy. She strives to use her Top 5 Strengths of “Maximizing,” “Ideation,” “Positivity,” “Empathy,” and “Woo” to enhance individual potential and bring peace through music.

Rachel Gant, MT-BC

Senior Director of Programs (Resounding Joy)
MusicWorx Internship Co-Director

Rachel Gant, MT-BC, Healing Notes Therapist
Originally from Kansas, Rachel is a board-certified music therapist, who earned a bachelor degree from The University of Kansas in 2008. She completed her music therapy internship at MusicWorx before embarking on her graduate studies, currently underway.

Rachel is passionate about working with children of all ages and has accumulated a vast experience in hospitals, private practice, and school districts in both Kansas and San Diego County. She has served as a volunteer for numerous nonprofit organizations, including Banding Together, Best Buddies, Children’s Mercy hospitals, Guitars in the Classroom, and Special Olympics.

For Resounding Joy, Rachel provides direct music therapy and supervision to MusicWorx interns within the Healing Notes program that operates from the CVICU (cardiovascular intensive care unit), Hematology/Oncology unit, PICU (pediatric intensive care unit), and NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) at Rady Children’s Hospital—San Diego.