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Clinical Supervision


Benefit from the guidance of an experienced music therapist during these 60 to 90-minute Clinical Supervision sessions.


Counselors and Therapists of various modalities often engage in ongoing Clinical Supervision for guidance, reflection, exploration and deepening their growth as a helping professional.  Supervision is an interactive relationship and enriching collaboration.  Supervisors provide a safe space to address anything from:


  • Boundaries, & Counter-Transference
  • Treatment Planning, Interventions, & Resources 
  • Work-Place Relationships, Stressors, & Current Events
  • Ethics, Legal Issues, & Standards of Clinical Practice
  • Supervision of Students, Interns, and/or Staff
  • Developing Confidence, Posturing, & Career Goals
  • Self-Care, Wellness, & Burn-out Prevention
  • Program Development

Clinical Supervision consultations run between 60-90 minutes at $85 per session.  They may take place at our Music Wellness Center or via online session.  Frequency of sessions is decided upon by the Supervisee.

* CMTE’s available for no extra cost, just let us know if you need the specific instructions.

Noelle Pederson, MT-BC

Noelle Pederson is the Director of Programs at MusicWorx Inc. and Director of Education & Training at Resounding Joy Inc. in San Diego, California. She received her Bachelor of Music Therapy degree from the University of North Dakota and began working full-time with both MusicWorx and Resounding Joy in spring 2008. She has been the lead intern supervisor for MusicWorx in the medical setting for over seven years.

Noelle supervises music therapy interns at the national roster internship and provides on-going clinical support to board-certified expressive arts clinicians (music therapists and expressive arts therapists). Noelle gears her supervision sessions to be collaborative with each therapist, encourages self-reflection, and fosters growth through discussion to gain insight, role-playing, and creative arts exploration.

Noelle’s has worked intensely in medical and hospice settings for the past decade and holds specializations as a Hospice & Palliative Music Therapist (HPMT) and as a NICU Music Therapist. Her publication from 2010 is “MusicWorx ToolBox: Music Therapy and Adolescent Populations” is a frequently-referenced resource for music therapists working with teens. Noelle has also provided services with a variety of populations including adults/children with special needs, early intervention/parent programs, older adults with/without dementia, teens, mental health populations, and more. She has created programs and curricula from the ground up and is eager to coach music therapists in this arena.