ArtBEAT Artist Collection Djembe – Aric Improta


The ArtBEAT Djembe features full-range tuning with rich, warm bass and well-defined slap tones.  Featuring an Acousticon shell and Remo’s industry-leading weather-resistant Black Suede drumhead, ArtBEAT Artist Collection Djembes produce deep bass tones, bright slap and open tones, while being very easy on the hands.

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  • Acousticon shell and drum body design djembes showcase beautiful, unique artwork by renowned Artist Aric Improta
  • Weather resistant Black Suede drumhead produces deep bass tones and sharp slaps in all weather conditions
  • Key-Tuned system makes the drum east to tune, and the head easy to replace
  • High density non-skid rubber base protects the shell from impact
  • Idea for all recreational and educational activities
  • Tech: Acousticon, Mondo, Skyndeep