Music’s Balm

Publication:  InTouch Magazine, Volume 3, 1 Author: Barbara Boughton     For Kathy Winter, chemotherapy treatments at Cleveland-Ireland Cancer Center were an anxiety-filled ordeal. “I was so desperate, and so frightened of chemotherapy that I felt like bolting out of the treatment room,” she says….

Musician, Heal Thyself

Publication: Grammy Magazine Author / Writer: Laurel Fishman   Three-year-old Nick had never spoken a word. In his early childhood class, he cried or jumped and spun around the room. The autistic boy refused to sit and avoided eye contact. Nick’s symptoms were typical of autism victim’s…

The Magic of Music

Publication: Case Management Journal Author / Writer: Mindy R. Toran   When you hear a song you like on the radio, your entire mood lightens. You sing along, hum the chorus, or snap your fingers. Listening to a tape or CD of your favorite artist help you…