Required Documents For Intern And Patient Protection

Applicants accepted into the MusicWorx internship program will need to obtain documentation that they meet background, drug, insurance, and training requirements put in place to protect interns as well as the patients they treat. Listed on this page are all the prerequisites. Interns should complete as many as possible prior to the internship term, as absence of proper evidence will delay intern work clearance.

Step 1. Internship Application

MusicWorx internship candidates must complete and submit a MusicWorx internship application in order to be considered for internship. Internship candidates submitting applications now will be considered for internship openings one calendar year in the future. MusicWorx offers only two internships each quarter, for a total of eight internships per year. Complete application instructions appear in the application.


Step 2. Screenings

Background Check & Drug Screening

The majority of health care facilities require background checks and drug screenings. Once an intern candidate is accepted, MusicWorx will send the intern paperwork required to begin the process. A nominal cost may apply to certain placements.

Tuberculosis Screening

Two TB skin screenings are required of all interns. Requirements change on a frequent basis, so we encourage prospective interns to contact MusicWorx for the latest updates.

Step 3. CPR Certification

Interns must provide evidence of satisfactory completion of CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) training. The Basic Life Support Healthcare Provider Course offered by the American Heart Association is the only course acceptable to one of the agencies that MusicWorx serves.
National CPR Foundation’s Basic Life Support Healthcare Training >

Step 4. Vaccinations

Hepatitis B

Immunity titer or proof of immunization or declination on file.


Documentation of annual influenza vaccine.

Chicken Pox

Documentation of 2 doses of chicken pox vaccine or laboratory evidence (titer) of immunity.


Immunity titer or proof of immunization on file.

Mumps, Measles, Rubella, and Rubeola

Documentation of 2 doses of Rubeola, 2 doses of Mumps, and 1 dose of Rubella after 1st birthday OR laboratory evidence (titer) of immunity OR documentation of physician-diagnosed Rubella disease, Rubeola disease, or Mumps disease

2-Step Tuberculosis Screening

Negative TB Skin Test Reactors: Mantoux (PPD) TB skin test with negative result within 3 months of beginning clinical experience. | Positive TB Skin Test Reactors: Normal chest x-ray within 3 months of starting clinical experience and asymptomatic per TB symptom screening questionnaire

Step 5. Insurance Coverage


Interns must have health coverage when they begin their term. In the past, interns have been covered under their parent/guardian or spouse, or by Obamacare, Assurant Health, United Healthcare, the VA, or another provider.


Interns must have liability coverage when they begin their term. Listed below is the carrier that the American Music Therapy Association recommends for reasonably priced short-term coverage.
Healthcare Providers Service Organization >