What to Wear For Your MusicWorx Internship

The near-perfect San Diego climate enables a year-round active and casual lifestyle that, not surprisingly, spills over into business apparel. Almost everything but denim blue jeans is acceptable. However, let professionalism be the ultimate guide. Clothing should fit comfortably and should not be tight, constricting, low-cut, or revealing. Comfortable shoes are essential, but be aware that, while open-heeled clogs are permissible, hospital settings prohibit therapists from wearing open-toed shoes. Some settings require additional measures that include removing jewelry, pant/skirt length, and no flow clothing (such as scarves) for the protection of patients and therapists alike.


Health Field Business Dress

MusicWorx offers interns unparalleled opportunities for treating patients representing an extraordinary range of needs.

Safety First

Most intern work will take place in medical facilities, where exposure to bacteria and viruses challenges both intern and patient. Precautionary clothing often includes mask, gown, and gloves. MusicWorx follows all CDC guidelines regarding COVID-19, including face covering requirements.

Music Adaptations

Medical precautions sometimes limit the interventions that a therapist can use due to the condition or environment of the patient. MusicWorx interns learn to negotiate these challenges and provide effective treatment.