If I could write a “hello song” for the MusicWorx Inc. Blog debut, I would! Welcome to the wonderful world of MusicWorx Inc. As a current MusicWorx intern, I have designed this Blog  as a final project to learn the use of social media and…

Whistle While You Recuperate

Publication: HealthDay News at Forbes.com Author / Writer: Karen Pallarito   Medical care often involves instruments that poke and prod. So it may come as a huge relief to patients when the instrument involved in their therapy—perhaps something from the string or percussion family—doesn’t make them wince….

Medicine and the New Age

Publication: Los Angeles Times Author / Writer: Hilary E. MacGregor, Staff Writer   “I was stressed.” Through classes like music, cooking and yoga, the tony La Jolla clinic teaches its heart patients to reflect on, and revise, their everyday lives. By the time Bill Coleman arrived at the…