Commemorative 9/11 Symposium Marked by Elegance and Grace

Author / Writer: Carolyn Kenny   Yesterday (September 11, 2004), I had the great pleasure to participate in a one-day symposium, “Music:  A Universal Language for Harmony.” The purpose of the symposium was to explore the cultural and therapeutic impact of music. We gathered in Melnitz Hall at…

Finding Out I Did Much of It Right

Publication: Senior Zone online Author / Writer: Gertrude O’Leary Wambach   Dear Family, This letter is meant to be a sort of update on current events for me, and filling you all in on what I am doing. My usual activities, walking, water exercise, writing class, helping…

Music’s Balm

Publication:  InTouch Magazine, Volume 3, 1 Author: Barbara Boughton     For Kathy Winter, chemotherapy treatments at Cleveland-Ireland Cancer Center were an anxiety-filled ordeal. “I was so desperate, and so frightened of chemotherapy that I felt like bolting out of the treatment room,” she says….