Clinical Music Therapy

Healing with Music

Publication: Caring Today: Practical Advice for the Family Caregiver Author / Writer: Deborah Harkins   What balm can doctors or caregivers offer a human being whose life has been derailed by a devastating impairment—dementia, say, or a crippling accident, or paralysis, or the loss of the ability…

Music’s Balm

Publication:  InTouch Magazine, Volume 3, 1 Author: Barbara Boughton     For Kathy Winter, chemotherapy treatments at Cleveland-Ireland Cancer Center were an anxiety-filled ordeal. “I was so desperate, and so frightened of chemotherapy that I felt like bolting out of the treatment room,” she says….

The Magic of Music

Publication: Case Management Journal Author / Writer: Mindy R. Toran   When you hear a song you like on the radio, your entire mood lightens. You sing along, hum the chorus, or snap your fingers. Listening to a tape or CD of your favorite artist help you…