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A Distant Promise, a New Beginning

soft-bound biography
Elvera Ziebart Reuer . storyteller
Glaphry Duff . writer
1998 Quality Quick Print, Inc., publisher
ISBN 0-9967016-5-8
235 Pages  . 121 Photos  . 9 Illustrations
Price . $20

Synopsis Page 1 of 3 . The long-awaited sequel to The Last Bridge, this biography opens as Eva Friedt Ziebart’s daughter Elvera and her husband Erwin celebrate their thirty-fifth wedding anniversary with immediate family members gathered in Arizona. Through conversations among relatives present at this commemorative, Ziebart family history after 1949 unfolds. Those familiar with Elvera’s first book will appreciate that she here refreshes the reader’s memory of the most significant events before immigration. Especially welcome are prints of more than 100 vintage photos from Elvera’s personal albums that substantiate her poignant recall. Photo story slide show»

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