About Us

MusicWorx is San Diego’s Leader of Full-Spectrum Music Therapy Services

Founded in 1987, MusicWorx Inc. is a music therapy and wellness agency whose mission is to create, nurture, and maintain an environment of growth and unlimited potential for those around us. The company executive office is located near Del Mar in north coastal San Diego County, California.
MusicWorx is both an AMTA-compliant provider of music therapy services and an AMTA-approved clinical training site for degreed music therapists working toward national board certification.


MusicWorx is celebrating our 30th anniversary this year and the 20th anniversary of the internship program. We’re rolling out many promotions and new programs this year, so we encourage you to stay tuned and sign up for updates!

Meet The TEAM

The MusicWorx clinical training team comprises 13 members including the intern team. A few of the team members play more than just one role. Between 1997 and the end of 2017, MusicWorx will have trained and graduated close to 160 interns. Many have chosen to remain in San Diego following graduation, expanding the pool of Board-Certified music therapist talent now providing music therapy services to a diverse and continually growing local client base. Learn more about Our Team >


American Music Therapy Association

MusicWorx proudly adheres to the competencies, ethics, and standards established by the AMTA–American Music Therapy Association–a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in which Dr. Reuer, MusicWorx CEO, has held an active professional membership since 1976.
AMTA moniters the quality of music therapy providers with the Code of Ethics, Judicial Review, Board Peer Review, Standards for Education and Clinical Training, Standards of Clinical Practice and Professional Competencies.

Certification Board for Music Therapists

A separate, independent organization, CBMT–Certification Board for Music Therapists–administers a national music therapy certification examination to measure skills, knowledge, and ability to engage in professional music therapy practice. Qualified individuals who pass board certification earn the credential MT–BC, Music Therapist–Board Certified.

Our Clients

MusicWorx clients are individuals, agencies, corporations, and organizations that contract music therapy and wellness services. MusicWorx patients are the recipients of music therapy services. When MusicWorx services health care clients—such as convalescent care centers, hospice, hospitals, and rehabilitation centers—the recipients of therapy typically are recovering from or learning to cope with disability, illness, or injury. When MusicWorx services wellness clients—such as spas and lifestyle programs—the recipients of therapy are in good general health but want to learn techniques to optimize and maintain their health. When MusicWorx services corporate clients, the recipients of our music wellness services are employees eager to develop and enhance leadership, communication and stress-management skills, and wellness.
We serve individuals of any age, from premature infants to 106-year-olds.


MusicWorx serves the youngest patients, even premature infants in neonatal intensive care units, with soothing and gentle treatments that stabilize vital signs and lower anxiety.


Children can benefit from a variety of music therapy and music wellness programs.  Clients include hospital, programs for childhood development and/or special needs, and individuals seeking music therapy or music lessons.


MusicWorx serves adolescents in a wide spectrum of environment and with a diversity of treatment goals, from after-school programs to rehabilitation facilities.


MusicWorx adult clients receive music wellness services, corporate wellness services, and/or music therapy services, as appropriate to their needs.

Older Adults

Our music therapists work with older adults of many degrees of abilities, including healthy older adults seeking wellness, people with Parkinson’s and their Care Partners seeking support, and residents of nursing homes or retirement facilities.

End of Life

Music therapists co-treat in hospital and hospice settings, improving quality of life for patients and their families.

Client Testimonials

This music applies, supports, helps the way I feel. Music is so much more important just words.

Anonymous MusicWorx Review - MusicWorx Review

This is wonderful that the hospital offers this. I wish they would've had this when my husband was dying here.

Anonymous Orthopedic Patient - MusicWorx Review

This is more than just a distraction. This helps me every time.

Anonymous MusicWorx Review - MusicWorx Review

Music is a metaphysical form of life. Music and the feeling help prolong life. You made my life longer, and for that I thank you.

Anonymous Cancer Patient - MusicWorx Review

MusicWorx Events

MusicWorx provides a variety of programs at the Music Wellness Center, most notably for People with Parkinson’s and their Care Partners. Music classes and other educational, clinical, or public corporate events will be found here.


Resounding Joy Events

Resounding Joy, MusicWorx’s non-profit sister agency, offers a variety of classes, events, and volunteer opportunities at their shared location at the Music Wellness Center. Explore their variety of public, unique options not found anywhere else in San Diego.