About Us

MusicWorx is San Diego’s Leader of Full-Spectrum Music Therapy Services

Founded in 1987, MusicWorx Inc. is a music therapy and wellness agency. We create, cultivate, and celebrate experiences of unlimited growth and potential. The company executive office is located near Del Mar in north coastal San Diego County, California.

MusicWorx is both an AMTA-compliant provider of music therapy services and a CBMT-approved provider of continuing education for music therapists.

Meet The TEAM

Our music therapists bring a broad array of skills, specialties, and perspectives to their work.  Learn more about our team >



Meet the Team


American Music Therapy Association

MusicWorx proudly adheres to the competencies, ethics, and standards established by the American Music Therapy Association (AMTA), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in which Dr. Reuer, MusicWorx CEO, has held an active professional membership since 1976.
AMTA monitors the quality of music therapy providers with the Code of Ethics, Judicial Review, Board Peer Review, Standards for Education and Clinical Training, Standards of Clinical Practice and Professional Competencies.

Certification Board for Music Therapists

A separate, independent organization, the Certification Board for Music Therapists (CBMT) administers a national music therapy certification examination to measure skills, knowledge, and ability to engage in professional music therapy practice. Qualified individuals who pass board certification earn the credential MT–BC, Music Therapist–Board Certified.

Our Clients

MusicWorx clients are individuals, agencies, corporations, and organizations that contract music therapy and wellness services. At MusicWorx’s health care client facilities—such as convalescent care centers, hospice, hospitals, and rehabilitation centers—the recipients of therapy typically are recovering from or learning to cope with disability, illness, or injury. When MusicWorx provides wellness services, participants are in good general health but want to optimize and maintain their health. Corporate clients benefit by developing and enhancing leadership, communication, and stress-management skills in their employees.

We serve individuals of any age, from premature infants to 106-year-olds.


Children can benefit from a variety of music therapy and music wellness programs. Clients include hospitals, programs for childhood development and/or special needs, and individuals.


MusicWorx serves adolescents in a wide spectrum of environments and with a diversity of treatment goals, from after-school programs to rehabilitation facilities.


MusicWorx adult clients receive music wellness services, corporate wellness services, and/or music therapy services, as appropriate to their needs.

Older Adults

Our music therapists work with older adults of any ability, including healthy older adults seeking wellness, people with Parkinson’s seeking support, and residents of nursing homes or retirement facilities.

End of Life

Music therapists co-treat in hospital and hospice settings, develop legacy projects, and improve quality of life for patients and their families.

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