A Day in the Life: Junior Interns

As a music therapist, selecting your internship site is a big deal. It often involves moving to a new city and, for the first time, you’re immersed every day in your chosen career field. At MusicWorx, we started the first internship program in San Diego 20 years ago this year so we wanted to talk to our newest junior interns, Jordyn and Erik, about their experience beginning their internship with us.

Hey! I’m Jordyn (left). And I’m Erik (right).

First Day:

Anticipating our first day as interns left us feeling excited yet nervous. We had no idea what to expect, what personalities we would encounter and whether or not MusicWorx, inc. would truly feel like a place of learning, growth and community. Walking in for the first time we were immediately greeted by our senior interns as well as Dr. Reuer. The entire office space felt inviting and professional. It became very clear that this placement would in fact be a place that would meet our personal and professional needs!



Not only did we get oriented to the office, but our first week was full of classes that are great for weekly self-care. These include Drums Alive and Yoga which are held twice a week and a Music and Mindfulness class. They are great for maintaining a balance between work and play during your six month internship and are free of charge for interns.




 Creative expression and self-reflection

The first month of internship also allows time for creative expression and self-reflection! Here we’re working on mandalas.






We have already learned so much from the talented team here at MusicWorx. What makes this program unique is that we not only get to learn practical techniques as music therapists, but we also get hands-on experience in running a music therapy business. This internship truly feels like a gift and we are excited for the journey ahead!


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