Alumni Interview: Brianna Larsen, #122

Brianna Larsen, Intern #122

Interviewed by Kristen McSorley, Intern #124 

575391_10151691529583816_478237127_nBrianna was my senior intern and just recently completed her internship in September 2013! Since that time, she has passed her board exam, gaining her MT-BC credential and began sub-contracting with the company Music Therapy Services of South Dakota. For Brianna, the most significant growth occurred when she stepped outside of her comfort zone, leading her to develop confidence in herself as a Music Therapist and as a professional. As my senior intern, she encouraged me to do this with the phrase “fake it until you become it.” Based on her own experiences, she believes that by approaching uncomfortable situations with an open mind and determined attitude, you may soon feel comfortable and secure. Her guidance has pushed me past my own comfort zones, leading to invaluable growth!

Watch Brianna’s video to hear more about her MusicWorx journey!