Alumni Interview: Catie Alpeter, #109

MusicWorx Alumni Interview

Catie Alpeter, MM, MT-BC; Intern #109

Catie, Intern #109, originally attended Colorado State University. She returned after her MusicWorx internship and now works in Dever, CO with two other music therapists.

  1. I currently work for a private agency in Denver, CO called Rehabilitative Rhythms Music Therapy. We have three MT-BCs on our staff including myself, Sarah Thompson, MM, MT-BC, CBIS, Neurologic Music Therapist and Rebekah Stewart, MA, MT-BC. We serve a variety of facilities and individuals in our community with a focus on neurologic disorders including but not limited to stroke, traumatic brain injury, Parkinson’s, DD, Alzheimer’s, and sensory disorders.

  1. I would say that MusicWorx helped me get to where I am today. The internship prepares you for the real world work in a private practice/agency including all the benefits and difficulties that go behind the scenes. The many opportunities with different populations allowed me to feel comfortable no matter where my job takes me.

  1. I was drawn to the MusicWorx internship because of the impressive history of successful MT-BCs that attended the internship themselves as well as the opportunities and demand that it requires.

  1. My favorite moments of my internship experience wind down to the times I was able to talk, learn and grow with my co-interns, supervisors, and Barbara. Every person that works for and interns with MusicWorx brings so much to the table. I was constantly learning!

  1. Yes! All aspects of the details that go into the MT small business world helped tremendously. Between time management skills, scheduling, billing, programs, marketing, and MUCH more I got a good handle on what it takes to make it!

  1. The biggest challenge of the internship for me was having to work with populations I had never worked with before such as substance abuse, cancer support and integrative health. I times I felt very nervous and unsure, but with the resources and team I was always able to get through successfully and continue to build my confidence.

  1. The biggest “aha” moment for me came near the end when I discovered that I am only as confident as the “professional persona” I carried. Whether I was leading meetings for new program development or standing in front of allied professionals and/or clients that were all older and more experienced than me, I had to show them I knew what I was doing; if you have been selected as an intern with MusicWorx, you certainly know what you are doing (or we are great at pretending we do until we actually do )!

  1. My one piece of advice for future MusicWorx interns is to soak it up! Don’t stress about the little things, just do the best you can and jump into as much as you can because you are in good hands. It goes by VERY fast, and you may not ever have again the amount of resources and people at your call as you do in your internship!


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