Alumni Interview: Summer Lall, Intern #73

MusicWorx Alumni Summer Lall, Intern #73

Interviewed by Kristen McSorley Current Intern #124

Summer Lall currently manages Rhythm and Truth, a business dedicated to using the power of music to empower youth. The MusicWorx internship provided her with opportunities to work with teens, fueling her passion. She recalls finding co-leading with her music therapy team to be both a challenge and a rewarding learning experience. She encourages future music therapy interns to be aware that some of their biggest lessons may be from the team!

Enjoy Summer’s answers to our interview questions below:

1. What is your current job?

Self-Employed/Music Therapy Contractor [check out Summer’s business at]

2. Would you say MusicWorx helped you get to where you are today?


3. What drew you to the MusicWorx internship?

The diversity, the location, and the challenge!

4. What was your favorite moment of your MusicWorx experience?

Too many to name, my first week was amazing because we were able to be present for and help facilitate a woman’s death experience in hospice. That was so powerful.

5. What aspects of what you learned at the MusicWorx internship prepared you for your career today?

Learning to co-lead and work with others was a huge one. I also learned a lot about developing a business and starting new programs. I feel confident working in a wide variety of populations, thanks to MusicWorx.

6. What was one of your biggest challenges during your internship?

Working with my team. We had very different personalities and balancing that was a big challenge and valuable learning experience.

7. What was your biggest “aha” moment for your professional and/or personal growth?

There were a ton, but I realized that I love working with teens and am very passionate about working with under served communities. I also realized how important it is to learn to work with others and learn from them. It’s so valuable. I learned that I have to value what I do otherwise no one else will, financially and otherwise.

8. What would be your one piece of advice to future MusicWorx interns?

Come prepared to completely dive in, but carve out untouchable personal/recovery time for yourself so you don’t go crazy. Be prepared that you’re biggest lessons might come from supervisors and co-interns.


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