Alumni Interview: Rebecca Pfeifer #55

Rebecca Pfeifer, intern #55 comes to us from Pasadena (Los Angeles), California.  She received her degree from California State University Northridge.  See what Mrs. Pfeifer has to say about her internship experience.

    1. What is your current job?

I’m currently working full time as a music therapist for Seasons Hospice in Los Angeles.

2. Would you say MusicWorx helped you get to where you are today?


3. What drew you to the MusicWorx internship?

I think I use skills I honed during the internship everyday.  Going in, I knew MusicWorx would be challenging and push me more than anything I’d done before, which both scared and excited me.  I figured if something could both freak me out and make me excited to learn more, it was going to be the right fit!

4. What was your favorite moment of your internship experience?

I can’t narrow it down to just one moment, but I really loved our group supervision on Monday mornings.  Getting feedback from Barbara and the other interns was really priceless, plus I made many good friends, many of whom I still turn to when I need some help!

5. Are there any aspects of what you learned at MW internship that best prepared you for your career today?

Getting used to being in the hospital and working with other medical professions really prepared me for my hospice work.  Then, I’d have to say the marketing tools/techniques we learned have been very helpful, particularly providing educational in-services.  I do a lot of marketing and education with my organization and without my internship experiences; I don’t think I would have had a clue!

6. What was one of your biggest challenges during your internship? )

My time with Jay Jay Lim (Intern #7, but a supervisor when I went through the internship)!  At the time, he was leading improvisational music therapy groups for in- and out-patient psychiatric facility.  The keyboard was so challenging for me and then to lead a group with that instrument and improvise on top of that?  It was very hard, but I grew a lot.  Also, he encouraged me to use my main instrument (flute), which has stuck with me.  I try to remember to do that whenever I can.

7. What was your biggest “aha” moment for your professional and/or personal growth?

There were many, but the first one that comes to mind was when I was leading a drum circle with residents of a 28-day treatment program (McDonalds).   The group had finally “clicked” and you could see everyone was present and the energy was high.  I don’t know what it was but I just felt like “I got this.”  It was the point when things were coming together in the internship, probably month five or so, and everything just kind of made sense.  It felt great and I knew I was going to be able to do this on my own.

8. What would be your one piece of advice to future MusicWorx interns?

Do it all!  One thing that is so special about the MusicWorx experience is that there are so many opportunities to try new things.  It can feel scary and overwhelming, but doing a little bit of everything has been the most helpful to me.  So dig deep and go for it!


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