Alumni Interview: Kat Fulton #47

MusicWorx Alumni

Kat Fulton, #47

Interviewed by Kristen McSorley

Current Intern #124

    Our latest interviewee, Kat Fulton, is a driven, innovative professional, who manages a unique music therapy business, Sound Health Music. Sound Health Music is a company that has two divisions:  1) a San Diego-based music therapy practice and 2) an on-line web-based learning website,  This site serves as a resource for music therapists interested in continuing education via distance learning. During the interview, Kat discusses her journey developing after realizing the impact and accessibility of distance learning. Managing these two different, yet complementary aspects of her career brings balance in her life.

    Kat also discusses her experience as a MusicWorx intern. She reminisces about early dreams to own her own business, laughing about the thrill of depositing $4 checks she earned from chores as a child. Additionally, Kat encourages future interns to remember to take time for themselves, saying: “The better care you take of yourself, the better care you can give to your clients…the most “you” that you can be in the world is the best contribution you can give.”

Check out Kat’s websites here: