Alumni Interview: Rebecca Vaudreuil #89

Intern # 89, Rebecca Vaudreuil

Interviewed by Hannah Glasson-Darling

When I was told about the MusicWorx Alumni Interview project, I chose Rebecca Vaudeuil, intern #89, as my first interviewee. Rebecca has been working as a music therapist for both Resounding Joy and MusicWorx for the past four years. She has specializations in neurologic music therapy and the NICU.  Her primary responsibility with Resounding Joy was to develop the Semper Sound Military Music Therapy program.  
I had only recently met Rebecca at her going away party; she is leaving sunny San Diego for Boston, where she will be pursuing her master’s degree at Harvard.  However, she will stay on as Resounding Joy’s music therapy military consultant and liaison.  It seemed only fair that I catch what wisdom I could from her before she left.