Brianna’s Favorite Part of MusicWorx

What is my favorite thing about being an intern at MusicWorx you ask?  This really should be a simple question, but for me it is rather difficult to select just one thing.  Being in San Diego is quite amazing, the weather is always stunning, being able to work with a different population every day works on different music therapy skills and having the opportunity to learn from the infamous Barbara Reuer are the normal draws to this internship and company.  Don’t get me wrong, I love these aspects as much as anyone else, but my absolute favorite thing about being an intern here at MusicWorx is the people.

There are truly some amazing people here.  I have had the pleasure of working with patients and clients from all different stages and walks of life that have taught me something about life and about myself.  I have worked with families where they are in the process of losing a loved one, a wife losing a husband and a mother losing her daughter.  One person I met hadn’t been able to go home in over a year due to health problems.  Then I met others who were facing a terminal illness with a smile on their face and love in their heart.  The overall moral I learned is to treat each and every day as a gift.  Life is a crazy, unpredictable thing and we should make the most out of every opportunity we have.

These people have helped me grow so much professionally and personally in such a short time, and to them I am forever grateful.


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