Maya’s Favorite Part of the Internship

By Maya Zebley, MusicWorx Intern

The past eight months of my internship were a great eye opening for me. The opportunities given me to work with variety of populations with various disabilities helped me better understand the healing power of music therapy. I realized that individuals in need are open and willing to accept music as another form of healing, especially in the hospital setting where feelings of stress, anxiety and the fear of the unknown are constantly present. In this setting, music brings a sense of stability, familiarity and vibration of healing.

One of my biggest challenges was my case study. It was important for me to create interventions that were specifically tailored to my client’s needs. I constantly had to remind myself what the goals are in order to achieve them in a way that will best serve my client. At the end of the eight sessions, reflecting back, I realized the followings:

  • In my first session, getting to know my client, set the tone for the next seven interventions.

  • Find out at least two creative outlets the client is connected with and start working from a place of familiarity.

  • It is “easy” for older adult to blame the past for their current situations. Make sure that the client understands that music therapy is about the “Here and Now” and learn to redirect when stories about the past are coming up.

  • Throughout the intervention period, use the same intervention techniques to measure progress.

Working with substance abuse groups taught me the art of group interaction and processing: re-directing and not to being afraid of silence. Facilitating substance abuse group interventions inspired me to expand my learning and my education in-group counseling to develop an in-depth understanding of the addiction process and how to motivate someone towards positive change.

All of the above are part of my internship journey, challenges and favorite experiences, but I would never have been be able to make it without the “TEAM”. The team included the interns, supervisors and Dr. Barbara Reuer, overall director. They have been an important part of my growth as a music therapist.


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