The MusicWorx Internship

This year serves as an extremely important year for MusicWorx Inc. This is the 15th anniversary of the MusicWorx Internship! At the end of the year we will have mentored over 125 Music Therapy Interns. Over the next few months we will be celebrating this historic year for MusicWorx by bringing you words by the individuals that have benefitted most from the internship, the interns! …and former interns.

We started off this celebration last month by hearing from our current interns on what the internship means to them and how it has influenced their Music Therapy career. Now we will get to hear what the interns have enjoyed the most about their internship experience so far. Starting in July, the current interns will reach out to some of our alumni to check in to see where they are. Later in the summer, we will be hearing from a few alumni in their own words on the importance of the MusicWorx internship in their life.

Make sure you check out our Facebook page and share your own experiences with the MusicWorx internship!

With Joy!

Barbara Reuer