My MusicWorx Inc Experience

By Maya Zebley

How can you have gratitude without growth? And how can you grow without challenges?

As a MusicWorx Inc. intern I take upon me all the challenges I can to become a better music therapist. I am blessed to be part of a team that offers me the challenges I need to reach my potential. There are many tasks to accomplish, such as:

  • Attending different sites and work with variety of populations,
  • Documentation,
  • Charting,
  • You Are the Boss project  – designing your own practice,
  • Case study,
  • Patient highlight,
  • Supervision highlight, and
  • Delivering a minimum of six music therapy presentations.

Just to name a few………

The blessings come in many shapes and forms. Just recently I conducted a Music Therapy lecture/demonstration at California State University San Bernardino. The following day I received a gift…. an audio recording of the students expressing gratitude and a picture of the lecture/demonstration summary they did with their teacher. It is heartwarming to hear non-musicians step outside the box and enjoy themselves so much “making music.”

Here it is:

Click here for the audio!