AMTA 11: Through the Eyes of An Intern

By Carly Kazmerzak, MusicWorx Intern #106

AMTA 11 was a unique and memorable experience. I overcame new challenges, met new people, and saw professional growth in my peers and myself.

This was my first time presenting at a conference. My co-presenters were other therapists, many of whom I only knew through their textbooks. It was truly a humbling experience. While I only spoke a few words during the presentation, I assisted in gathering and organizing information from the presenters. This gave me the opportunity to communicate with them; I received words of gratitude and that really stirred me.  I truly felt that I was beginning to be seen as a professional.

I am not the type of person to go out of my way to meet people, however, thanks to Dr. Reuer, I was forced out of my comfort zone. Following her around, meeting new therapists, and working at the MusicWorx Inc booth taught me how to be more outgoing. After all, we are all in the same boat. I learned there really isn’t anything too scary about fellow therapists. I never really thought about the opportunities that may present themselves when we network. Each connection may lead to your next job or another connection for research.

Last but not least, I noticed that I was attending a variety of sessions, unlike past AMTA conferences I attended. I explored different “How to start your own practice” sessions and attended sessions with populations that I am working with. As a student attending the conference, I didn’t have a direct need to learn from the sessions or use them as opportunities to expand my knowledge of music therapy. This year I found myself seeking sessions that I felt I would benefit from.

While I am still an intern for another month, I left Atlanta ready to be a professional.




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