If I could write a “hello song” for the MusicWorx Inc. Blog debut, I would!

Welcome to the wonderful world of MusicWorx Inc. As a current MusicWorx intern, I have designed this Blog  as a final project to learn the use of social media and networking as a way to spread knowledge and awareness as a professional!  I will continue to update the blog with videos and music as well as share the links and contacts of the incredible professionals that are connected with us here at MusicWorx.

If you are an intern alumni, a present intern, or a prospective intern, this blog will give you a sense of the culture we create and share here at MusicWorx, Inc.  Enjoy the Mandala Gallery to learn more about Intern Mandalas.  Stay informed about internship with the thorough info provided by the main MusicWorx website.  If you ever have any questions regarding MusicWorx, feel free to contact us or check out MusicWorx FAQs.

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Take a few minutes and learn more about MusicWorx, Inc. CEO and internship director, Barbara Reuer, PhD, MT–BC.

So, explore the Blog and stay  i n  t u n e each week for updates, exciting new videos, additions to the Mandala Gallery, and more intern fun!

Happy Reading and Happier Music Making!

-Cara Brindisi, MusicWorx Intern (1/11-7/11)