World Federation of Music Therapy Assembly of Student Delegates

Source: World Federation of Music Therapy

Writer: Petra Kern, PhD, MT–DMtG, MT–BC, MTA, NICU–MT


We proudly announce our first World Federation of Music Therapy (WFMT) Assembly of Student Delegates. The WFMT Council sees students as a vital part of this organization as they are the next generation of professional music therapists and leaders in our field. To improve student involvement on the World Federation of Music Therapy, the 2008–2011 Council created the first World Congress of Music Therapy Scholarship for Students, started a WFMT for Students page on the WFMT website, and established two new student membership categories. Going one-step further, we now established the first WFMT Assembly of Student Delegates (ASD). The WFMT Council sees the ASD as an innovative, vital, and integral new component of the WFMT.

Our intention is

1    to enhance students’ knowledge of the profession
2    to provide a forum for international student activities
3    to facilitate the sharing of ideas, thoughts, and opinions
4    to assist in preparing responsible, politically aware, and skillful leadership of WFMT

I am pleased to introduce to you the 2011–2014 WFMT Assembly of Student Delegates. Jen Spivey, an AMTAS member and current Intern at MusicWorx Inc. in San Diego, CA is representing the North American students.

Learn more about the student delegates at »WFMT.