The Rhythm Is Gonna Get Ya: Take Music Along on Your Next Walk

Publication: Prevention

Author / Writer: Maggie Spilner and Marianne McGinnis


“Music affects the entire brain,” says music therapist Barbara Reuer, PhD. “It can boost performance, ease pain, and calm emotions.” Use these tuneful strategies to multiply the benefits of your walks. Important note: Walking with headphones requires caution. Stay alert, and keep the volume low.

Blast off

Choose energizing music to peel away stubborn pounds. “A faster beat encourages you to keep up with the tempo,” says exercise physiologist Jeffery Potteiger, PhD. You’ll burn more calories without feeling like you’re working harder.

Mellow Out Anxious

Hum a favorite melody. “Music you love is strongly connected to memories,” says Dr. Reuer. “A familiar tune from a positive past event can connect you with smells, sounds, and feelings of that time.”


You counted to 10, but you’re still ready to snap. Take your rage on the road along with your favorite artist. You’ll leave anger in the dust and lower your blood pressure.

Numb Pain

Music acts as an analgesic that helps people with arthritis and other chronic pain to get moving. Start gently, and see what a difference soothing songs make.”   [ end ]