MusicWorx is San Diego’s leader of full-spectrum music therapy services to meet your clinical, corporate, and wellness needs.

Clinical Music Therapy

Clinical Music Therapy

Clinical Music Therapy improves the quality of life for both children and adults by meeting needs of those who are well and those with disabilities or illnesses.
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Corporate Wellness Solutions

Corporate Wellness Solutions

Our Corporate Wellness Solution invigorates your team, increases creativity, and inspires them to become the high-performing, collaborative unit that you desire.
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Music Wellness Programs

Music Wellness Programs

Music Wellness Programs are held across the county and at the Music Wellness Center, a creative, flexible, and innovative space that uses the appeal of music to help people of all ages and all abilities.
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Founded in 1987, MusicWorx Inc. is a music therapy and wellness agency. We create, cultivate, and celebrate experiences of unlimited growth and potential.

MusicWorx is both an AMTA-compliant provider of music therapy services and an AMTA-approved clinical training site for degreed music therapists working toward national board certification.



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MusicWorx is an AMTA-approved clinical training internship site. We welcome eight domestically or internationally trained music therapy graduates each year to complete their internship requirements in America’s Finest City. 



MusicWorx focuses on clinical skills and helps interns develop business marketing skills to maximize success in future careers as independent music therapists and consultants.



A thorough explanation of the internship program, the candidate process, and the outline required for applying appears in the downloadable Internship Application.



Over 160 MusicWorx alumnae across the country can speak to the quality of MusicWorx’s training and the diversity of clinical applications available to interns.


CLIENT testimonials

“I will never be able to thank you enough for this opportunity. The diversity in MusicWorx internship was unmatched. Anything we needed, you had it. Any advice we asked for, you gave to us. Every day, you found a new way to inspire us. Because of this experience, because of your company, because of you and my supervisors and colleagues, I am a new person, musician, and professional.”

Mikayla Beaulieu, MT–BC | September 2014 Alumna - Intern Testimonials

I think of you often and am always drawing from experiences from the internship in my everyday work. I recently applied for and was hired for a position as Elementary Music Therapist at Giant Steps, a day school for children with autism in Lisle, Illinois. I know MusicWorx helped set me apart in getting this job. Thank you!

Christina (Scheperle) Whipple, MA MT–BC | December 2011 Alumna - Intern Alumni

You’re helping him pass to the other side.

Physician of brain cancer patient - Direct Therapy | Hospice

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for being the best mentor! I just pitched a very successful explanation of music therapy use in the medical field to the inpatient oncology department, and the staff is already on board and supportive to collaborate with me! I am so excited to get my foot in the door and, hopefully, grow the program. It is an honor to be the first music therapist working on the floors of Mercy Hospital Springfield (Missouri)! I'm missing all of my MusicWorx co-interns today.

Leslie Jones, MMT, MT–BC | September 2008 Alumna - Intern Alumni


Learn more about the world of music therapy from the perspective of MusicWorx therapists, interns, clients, and industry thought leaders.