Audability and Parkinson’s Disease


MusicWorx provides multiple opportunities for patients diagnosed with Parkinson’s, their families, and Care Partners through AudAbility, a program designed by Board-Certified music therapists and supported by the Parkinson’s Association of San Diego.
Music therapy services are specifically designed to meet the group’s needs and to support group and individual empowerment, emotional validation, and opportunities for self-expression in a non-threatening and positive environment.


This music therapy program is for individuals diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and their Care Partners. No prior music experience needed!


A singing group for people with Parkinson’s that focuses on maintaining or improving vocal production and lung capacity.

AUDABILITY Graduate Group

Graduates of the 12-week AudAbility series maintain and practice their skills with their peers.


A piano class that uses a revolutionary Yamaha keyboard system and provides new opportunities for expression and wellness.

Rhythm Steps

Participants create music and develop wellness strategies in this customized drumming class that focuses on motor movement.

Wellness and Mindfulness

This class reduces stress, provides tools for self-care, builds a network of support, and enhances quality of life.


Participants improve breath support and swallowing while having fun on this unique instrument.

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