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Clinical Supervision


Benefit from the guidance of an experienced music therapist during these 60 to 90-minute Clinical Supervision sessions.


Counselors and Therapists of various modalities often engage in ongoing Clinical Supervision for guidance, reflection, exploration and deepening their growth as a helping professional.  Supervision is an interactive relationship and enriching collaboration.  Supervisors provide a safe space to address anything from:


  • Boundaries, & Counter-Transference
  • Treatment Planning, Interventions, & Resources 
  • Work-Place Relationships, Stressors, & Current Events
  • Ethics, Legal Issues, & Standards of Clinical Practice
  • Supervision of Students, Interns, and/or Staff
  • Developing Confidence, Posturing, & Career Goals
  • Self-Care, Wellness, & Burn-out Prevention
  • Program Development

Clinical Supervision consultations run between 60-90 minutes at $85 per session.  They may take place at our Music Wellness Center or via online session.  Frequency of sessions is decided upon by the Supervisee.

* CMTE’s available for no extra cost, just let us know if you need the specific instructions.